SCM 4.0 Driving Change

Today’s Supply Chain clients like retailers, e-commerce sites, logistics providers and extended Supply Chain players are all demanding solutions that take advantage of digital technologies. SCM 4.0 is OakCal’s proprietary methodology that gives companies the tools and methods to retrofit and adapt their company to this new reality.

SCM 4.0 gives you a step-by-step approach to re-launch your positioning, messaging and offerings. SCM 4.0 is the proven way to accelerate time to revenue and increases valuations.

SCM 4.0 deals with these problems :-

  • No visibility nor credibility in the market regarding the next generation Supply Chain.
  • Lack of perceived differentiation: Positioning story is not different. You are not aligned to today’s market and technology challenges and economic realities.
  • Inconsistent messages are being communicated by your organization. The “new” supply chain and traditional supply chain are all bundled into one.
  • Your management team do not see the need for a new direction nor the way forward. They do not see enormous opportunities and risks related to the new Supply Chain.
  • Your win ratio is low, your sales cycle is very long, you are losing key accounts, pricing power is eroding.
  • Demand generation programs are not generating traction. Your targets are not C level buyers, you focus on operations.
  • No experience in planning or executing re-positioning and launches in Supply Chain.