Supply Chain Management (SCM 4.0)

SCM 4.0 is the OakCal go-to-market solution specifically designed for technology companies competing in the rapidly changing and highly competitive extended Supply Chain Management space. SCM 4.0 provides the tools and methodology to reposition your company and solutions to accelerate revenues and growth.

SCM 4.0 is the effective and proven way to re-shape outdated positioning create a new future in the Supply Chain, distribution and retail segment.
Digital technologies are transforming traditional SCM operations enabling faster, more flexible product and data flows across the supply chain. Few existing SCM solution providers are ready for these changes. Clients are demanding solutions that take advantage of technology for faster and more flexible product and data flows across the supply chain. Those who cannot provide the future vision and fulfil the promise of this new world are being replaced with those who can.

SCM 4.0 is the way to accelerate re-positioning, create new products and services to secure future revenue growth in this new competitive environment.

Old Supply Chain Is Dead

The traditional Supply Chain Environment is rapidly disappearing. The new generation of Supply Chain tools like big data, predictive analytics, the cloud and robotics make real time trade-offs between service levels, inventory safety stock and operational performance possible. The traditional supply chain go to market approach focused on related single products suits and services has become irrelevant.
SCM 4.0 emphasizes predictive analytics and AI to fine-tune demand forecasting, procurement and resource sizing all along the supply chain from manufacturing and sourcing all the way to the retail channel.