FutureChart was developed for technology organizations that are introducing a new product or solution, taking existing solutions into new markets or revitalizing an existing company.

The program has one overriding goal: to ensure market impact whether you want to boost company revenues, strengthen market visibility or penetrate new markets. No matter what your objective, FutureChart is an effective and proven process that blueprints the actions needed to shape and determine your company’s future.

The traditional method of positioning and launching products and companies is dead. Single event launches or a go to market approach based on "me-too" re-active positioning or a one shot product or service release no longer work. Broadcasting product or technogically focused laden company messages to an increasingly fragmented, sophisticated and saturated markets is not the way to carve out unique positions and develop compelling differentiation.

FutureChart is about building sustainable, competitive and defensible positions. The most effective positioning today articulates what the product or company does in terms of the problems they solve – an issue the buyer deeply cares about – and is the most effective way for taking messages to the market. FutureChart provides a platform to deploy a continuum of coordinated actions over a specific period of time (usually 3 to 18 months) designed to build momentum and create impact in the market-place.

FutureChart’s practical and proven methodology helps companies of all sizes focus their resources and prepare effectively for a company re-positioning or a solutions or product introduction. The process begins with the development of a customized FutureChart quick scan to determine where the company or its offering are today. Working together with key individuals in your organization, OakCal helps the company to:
Determine measurable launch objectives.
Align marketing resources with business objectives.
Define a distinct market position and value proposition.
Diagnose sales cycles, bottlenecks and determine ways to overcome them.
Identify target buyers and specific market penetration strategies.
Develop an effective messaging and communications plan for engaging all audiences.
Outline budget alternatives and recommendations for launch execution plan.
The result is a powerful Plan that can be used as the blueprint for the future to guide and structure launch activities and direct ongoing sales and marketing efforts.

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