FutureChart is OakCal’s methodology for setting the direction of a company’s strategic marketing effort by launching new offerings, re-positioning existing firms or bringing new or merged companies to the market. Using the institutionalized knowledge of over 90 successful launches OakCal works with senior managers to rapidly set a new direction, developing action blueprints to get there.

FutureChart determines current positioning by canvassing customers, prospects, competitors, industry analysts and other audiences. Then in a collaborative and intensive program, OakCal works with management to pro-actively define optimum product or company positioning and develops detailed actions plans that are tied to very specific market metrics. Alternative combinations are tested with the same audiences and final go to market blueprints are defined and detailed action plans spanning 6-12 months periods are developed.

OakCal’s mission often includes helping companies imbed FutureChart into the fabric of the company. Regularly re-positioning the company and successfully launching new market offerings becomes an acquired best practice, recognized as an essential management function encompassing the whole firm.

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