In today’s ultra-competitive technology market place, leadership is attained by those who can successfully introduce new products and/or services to the market. Market visibility must be earned not only for each generation of product and service introductions but must be continually managed and coordinated to sustain momentum for the firm itself.

To maintain leadership, companies must show world-class capabilities in bringing new offerings to market. Market leaders over the long haul must also be able to re-position their company to gain and sustain market visibility. To remain competitive companies must re-define who they are while remaining very grounded in their heritage and history.

OakCal focuses exclusively on launch strategy development and execution planning for technology firms. That is all we do.

OakCal has worked with over 90 industry leaders and start-ups, using a proven approach to successfully introduce new offerings or companies to the market or to re-position and re-launch existing companies.

OakCal’s FutureChart methodology incorporates the institutionalized knowledge of over 90 successful launches. We team with clients collaborating within the organization, creating momentum and developing action blueprints that have real impact.

FutureChart is tailored to each client’s specific needs. Our approach is founded on measurable market driving objectives. Our Solutions are focused on specific objectives such as increasing company valuation or acquisition potential or more detailed market metrics such as market share, sales, revenues or other measurable objectives.


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