Client Success

OakCal has worked with some of the biggest names in the technology industry introducing new companies, solutions and initiatives. It has launched many successful start-ups.

Examples of work in last 12 months

European Audit and Consulting Company

Developed new positioning and messages for bid teams to win business in highly competitive multiyear accounting and audit market. Major improvements in “win”n ratios within six months.

European Supply Chain Solution
Repositioning and re-Launch Playbook. $5M multiyear contract signed within 6 months with 2nd largest French retail network. Valuation increased 27% on Euronext.

European Start-up
Re-positioning SaaS player in B2B real estate market, including new channel and sales model via web that increased revenues by 30% within 6 months

US to Global Enterprise Applications 
Launch Plan for US-centric vendor to a global player.Delivered a customized launch process playbook for future launches. 3 Global account wins within 12 months.

European Global Integration
Launch of Enterprise Cloud Solution, new service introduction and category extension for this European Services firm.Recognized as leading innovator in segment by industry analysts.

Supply Chain Platform Start-up
Playbook introduced the company, its vision and subsequent product releases.Value proposition focused enterprise buyers key to successful launch and subsequent acquisition by European Enterprise software leader.

Supply Chain Platform Start-up
Created new category Lifecycle Logistics Resource Management.Extended offering to include transportation management and successful sales program that closed customers.